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Consumer No More. 8 Habits of Today’s COMsumer

Today’s consumer no longer just consumes. In fact the word consumer no longer fits. They should be called COMsumer. Here are the 8 Habits of a Comsumer

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Global Leadership: How Much Skin Is Enough?

I thought I would touch on the topic of exposure and global leadership. Hence my question and title of this post: How much skin is enough? ­čÖé I think it is fair to say that in the western world, the level of acceptable exposure for women has┬ádrastically┬áchanged over the years. The above cartoon says it […]

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Meeting in Italy

Business Leader Introductions, Do You Kiss, Bow Or Shake Hands?

I was part of a discussion on the importance of looking a person in the eye – clearly this is┬á┬áa sign of respect, honesty and credibility. Certainly this is the case with my background. And there you have it: my background. In other cultures, this is interpreted as quite the opposite. So this post is […]

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Does Global Business Leadership Standards Exist?

Yesterday, I was part of a discussion on standards as it relates to doing business. I find Global Business Leadership totally fascinating. Now having lived in England, Canada and the United States, and worked with Sweden, ┬áAustralia, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Switzerland & India, I found myself saying: “What country? What culture? What industry? What? What? […]

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To Win Professional Connections You Need To Be Personal

Professional and Personal are often put into two different categories in the business setting. Why? How can you reach your employees, staff, organization and stakeholders, if you donÔÇÖt know anything about them? When you are in the same room with them, knowing how to include them in your vision is critical to mobilizing your people. […]

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