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Time A Wasting

Taking a  look at our time in lines. Our time in general.

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Consumer No More. 8 Habits of Today’s COMsumer

Today’s consumer no longer just consumes. In fact the word consumer no longer fits. They should be called COMsumer. Here are the 8 Habits of a Comsumer

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London2012 Inspired Take-Aways #2 Change Happens When You Take The First Step

This is my second post on my London2012 Inspired Take-Aways. 204 Nations were represented at the London2012 Olympics and a female was sent to compete for every country present. History in the making.  In this post, I want to put the spotlight on 19-year old Sarah Attar and 16-year old Wojdan Shahrkhani representing Saudi Arabia! Now […]

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Understanding The Demographics Beyond The Stereotypes

  Well, I have returned from my home country, England! Yes, I was there for the Olympics (which is the reason why it has been a little quiet on my blog). I also took the opportunity to go down memory lane and just savor the delights and offerings of London and the country. So why […]

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What Are Your Business Meetings Expectations? Are You Culturally Aware?

I am a facilitator. It is one of my strengths. Now having said that, I also realize I have a western viewpoint that quite frankly I have to work with at times. What does that have to do with anything? Well, my natural approach to meetings is to drive a meeting to accomplish goals and […]

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Time by ĐāżŦ

Is Being On Time A Leadership Characteristic?

Anyone who has worked with me, or has crossed my path, will immediately experience my energy, drive and passion for getting the job done- on time. No, this is not a self- promotion piece. It is fact. The reason I share this is because my roots are Caribbean however British born and have worked in […]

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Take a closer look

As Leaders, Are You Sure About What You Are Conveying With Your Gestures?

When I first immigrated to Canada, I was totally perplexed why people got so upset with the gesture of  “the finger” when they fondly waved around “ two fingers” in some sort of victory dance. You see, pointing two fingers to an individual with the back of your hands facing that individual in England is […]

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Global Leadership Means You Understand The Global Village

This morning I was rummaging through my books & papers and happen-upon a program I had started to write but had not finished.  Actually,  it was an entire training program on Global leadership and facilitation. Not bad material, even if I say so myself :). What struck me was the important reminder of our global […]

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Global Leadership: How Much Skin Is Enough?

I thought I would touch on the topic of exposure and global leadership. Hence my question and title of this post: How much skin is enough? 🙂 I think it is fair to say that in the western world, the level of acceptable exposure for women has drastically changed over the years. The above cartoon says it […]

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Meeting in Italy

Business Leader Introductions, Do You Kiss, Bow Or Shake Hands?

I was part of a discussion on the importance of looking a person in the eye – clearly this is  a sign of respect, honesty and credibility. Certainly this is the case with my background. And there you have it: my background. In other cultures, this is interpreted as quite the opposite. So this post is […]

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