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London2012 Inspired Take-Aways #2 Change Happens When You Take The First Step

This is my second post on my London2012 Inspired Take-Aways. 204 Nations were represented at the London2012 Olympics and a female was sent to compete for every country present. History in the making.  In this post, I want to put the spotlight on 19-year old Sarah Attar and 16-year old Wojdan Shahrkhani representing Saudi Arabia! Now […]

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London2012 Inspired Take-Aways. #1 Take Pride In Being Yourself.

Like many others, I was glued to the Olympics this year. The tagline for London2012 was: “Inspire a Generation.” Having been fortunate enough to be in London at the time of the Olympics, I think it is fair to say, you were inspired regardless of the generation you belonged to.  Although it seems that the fever […]

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What Are Your Business Meetings Expectations? Are You Culturally Aware?

I am a facilitator. It is one of my strengths. Now having said that, I also realize I have a western viewpoint that quite frankly I have to work with at times. What does that have to do with anything? Well, my natural approach to meetings is to drive a meeting to accomplish goals and […]

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Time by ĐāżŦ

Is Being On Time A Leadership Characteristic?

Anyone who has worked with me, or has crossed my path, will immediately experience my energy, drive and passion for getting the job done- on time. No, this is not a self- promotion piece. It is fact. The reason I share this is because my roots are Caribbean however British born and have worked in […]

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My Take On Leadership

Leading to meet one’s destiny. Empowering a Can Do attitude with those who cross your path. Accountability of what you do, say and impart. Directing a shared vision and future. Empathy is never lost. Role Model the model to be. Strength to bear the load. Heart is always at the core. Inspiring  when there is […]

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Success comes with involvement

30 Reasons Why Strategic Initiatives Fail

I wrote this presentation some time ago. As I review the content, I believe it still holds true today as it did then. Well then, I had 20 reasons! When I headed Engineering, I remember one of my engineers sharing with me: “My initiative would be just fine, if I did not have people in […]

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