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20 Tips To Succeed In Change and Project Management

Here is a collection of learnings and tips on how to lead change and project management using my favorite cartoonists and speakers.   What other tips can you add to the list. Cheers! Shirley  

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Consumer No More. 8 Habits of Today’s COMsumer

Today’s consumer no longer just consumes. In fact the word consumer no longer fits. They should be called COMsumer. Here are the 8 Habits of a Comsumer

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Meeting in Italy

Business Leader Introductions, Do You Kiss, Bow Or Shake Hands?

I was part of a discussion on the importance of looking a person in the eye – clearly this is  a sign of respect, honesty and credibility. Certainly this is the case with my background. And there you have it: my background. In other cultures, this is interpreted as quite the opposite. So this post is […]

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Business and Organization Change Revisited

It is puzzling how many times the importance of change management is discussed in the business environment and yet so few actually incorporate change management plans in their business initiatives. How is it that our business leaders will often address their management team with the importance of becoming more adept at managing change but do […]

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Liquidating Our Once Valued Assets, The Human Capital

I recently responded to a question about laying off employees.  As I completed it, I thought about the line most corporations use about their employees when they are all fully employed and business is booming. You know it: Employees are our greatest assets! So what on earth happens when you let them go? What happens when you liquidate your […]

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