Time A Wasting

Taking a  look at our time in lines. Our time in general.

About Shirley Williams

I have a passion to create, resolve and build.I have had a pretty dynamic career that some say has led to a solid reputation as a visionary, result-driven and passionate leader. I say, simplify the complexity, work WITH people and you have a formula that not only deliver results but forms bonds that will stand the test of time. I have led numerous initiatives with a geographical scope that has included Canada, US, The South Americas,Europe and Australia. My professional career spans Biotechnology, Brand & Generic Pharmaceuticals, IBM Business Consulting Services, Healthcare, Retail, Electronics, more recently Mining and now Social Media. I am a biochemist and have a Master of Scence degree in endocrine pharmacology. I am a certified practitioner and professional in Change Management (Prosci), Project Management (PMP/PMI) and Social Media (OMCP, Online Marketing Certified Professional). So that makes my full title to be: Shirley Williams, MSc. PMP. CMC. OCMP. Having spent many years in the LifeSciences (you can check my career profile on Linkedin ) I have now directed my attention to bridging strategy and goals with social media. Loving it! In fact I am passionate about it. I have also produced and currently host my own internet radio show. My programs to-date have included Rise Of The Patient and Give Startups A Chance. I consider myself as an Experience Enabler. I facilitate and advocate for improved experience from the consumer perspective. Thank you for stopping by to check me out!

4 Responses to “Time A Wasting”

  1. Thanks for the very insightful post Shirley…I started doing that over eight years ago, perhaps it started when I took my watch off for the last time.

    And time is one of my favorite subjects, especially when you think about how it is inseparable from gravity…can’t really measure that either! lol

    Now, on the lighter side . . . why the long face? 🙂

    • Shirley Williams Reply April 2, 2013 at 10:58 pm

      I am always so pleased when my post resonates with those that read them. So thank you 🙂
      My face….. just showing a different side to my personality 😉

  2. Perhaps the only things that can match your intellect and experience, is your professional and personable manner, in which you leave all parties more informed and inspired than when they first met you. You are uniquely qualified to teach and lead during this challenging point in history. I feel blessed daily by what I learn from you. I congratulate you, and challenge you to keep doing what you’ve been doing in the way that you’ve been doing it.

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