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As Leaders, Are You Sure About What You Are Conveying With Your Gestures?

When I first immigrated to Canada, I was totally perplexed why people got so upset with the gesture of  “the finger” when they fondly waved around “ two fingers” in some sort of victory dance. You see, pointing two fingers to an individual with the back of your hands facing that individual in England is […]

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To Win Professional Connections You Need To Be Personal

Professional and Personal are often put into two different categories in the business setting. Why? How can you reach your employees, staff, organization and stakeholders, if you don’t know anything about them? When you are in the same room with them, knowing how to include them in your vision is critical to mobilizing your people. […]

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Liquidating Our Once Valued Assets, The Human Capital

I recently responded to a question about laying off employees.  As I completed it, I thought about the line most corporations use about their employees when they are all fully employed and business is booming. You know it: Employees are our greatest assets! So what on earth happens when you let them go? What happens when you liquidate your […]

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