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20 Tips To Succeed In Change and Project Management

Here is a collection of learnings and tips on how to lead change and project management using my favorite cartoonists and speakers.   What other tips can you add to the list. Cheers! Shirley  

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30 Reasons Why Strategic Initiatives Fail

I wrote this presentation some time ago. As I review the content, I believe it still holds true today as it did then. Well then, I had 20 reasons! When I headed Engineering, I remember one of my engineers sharing with me: “My initiative would be just fine, if I did not have people in […]

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Organizations Need To Be One With The Catapult! Pullback. Aim. Build Momentum. Release.

Recently, I decided to curate a handful of topics using Thoora and Very rewarding indeed. As I read and collated my posts, it transported me to the teams I once managed. How many times have you heard Leaders of organizations say “We need to catapult ourselves” into some direction? I know, I have! So […]

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